Tricolor Technology Cronos™multi-function integrated signal processing platform

With time keep moving forward, people’s needs are constantly upgrading. Only by courageously exploring breakthroughs can we maintain the competition of a brand. As a professional audio and solution provider, Tricolor Technology Always maintain a grateful heart for the AV market and users from starting. Meanwhile, we constantly review ourselves, and accept opinions from all parties, to provide an excellent products and solutions!

Recently, Tricolor Technology has upgraded its Cronos™ multi-function integrated signal processing platform. and he upgrades are mainly reflected in:

KVM Management

The integrated processing of control signals is added on the basis of traditional audio and video signal processing. Through the KVM function, the intelligent agent management of the command system “human-machine separation”, “one-person multi-machine” and “collaboration sharing” can be realized, and the problem of information sharing and processing between agents can be solved quickly and conveniently.

USB 2.0 data transmission

Cronos supports USB 2.0 data pass-through transmission. It can connect and control signals from USB devices such as USB flash drive, U-Key, USB camera, touch screen, etc. without any additional programming. At the same time, the pure hardware non-IP architecture ensures the security of USB data during transmission.

4K@60 4:4:4 transmission

It adopts advanced FPGA architecture and image processing algorithm to support 4K @ 60Hz ultra-high definition video signal acquisition and transmission. Video image resolution can reach  4:4:4 chroma sampling in RGB gamut, and the image color reproduction is extremely realistic. The visual impact brings an even more immersive experience.

Splicing control

Supports 4K ultra high resolution input and output video with P2P (Pixel to Pixel) display quality. The system also supports any LCD, DLP and LED video display.

Dual-control card backup

Support dual-control card backup function. When any one of the control cards fails, the fault is automatically switched to ensure that the system can still operate normally.

The functionalities of Cronos signal processing platform include but not limited to matrix switching, video wall control, KVM management, etc., It realizes the innovative upgrade of the integrated signal control and resource sharing within the system, and also effectively reduces the complexity of the device link and operational complexity.
A mature product has to undergo multiple iterations and upgrades, in order to be able to develop fast, we have completed this upgrade, and there is the original intention of Tricolor: treating each upgrade with care, always thinking and solving problems from the user’s point of view.

Other functions

(1) Intelligent voice control
Users can use the simple voice to quickly and easily control the device to complete the scene switching, recall and other preset operations.

(2)Multi-user rights management

Multi-user & right division, support multi-user multi-role simultaneous operation, real-time synchronization. Detailed user rights division, which is accurate to a single screen group, a single source, and different groupings for fine-grained permissions. The intelligent rights management system effectively solves the problem of permission interaction between multiple level users and improves the efficiency of permission interaction.

(3)Visualize OSD

The visual control interface can quickly preview the signal source status before switching. Combining the intelligent authority management system, it enables fast and smooth operation control of the signal source between different users. The visualized OSD interface can effectively improve the efficiency and convenience of data management between operators as well as operators and video walls.

(4)IP streaming decoding

Cronos adopts a new hardware decoding system to support the decoding and transmission of IP signals such as H.264 / AVC and H.265 / HEVC. It can corporate with various brands of IPC and encoding processors. It supports 4K IP streaming decoding, audio de-embedding, and high-definition network video decoding with audio synchronization.

(5)60Hz HD echo

Support full-screen echo, up to 60 frames / sec and IP streaming media encoding echo, with the recording and broadcasting system, it can achieve real-time IP streaming media transmission and storage of large-screen signals.

(6)RealControl™ function

Real-Control is a breakthrough technology which allows users to control signals source directly on the video wall. Video wall management has never been simpler. It is also compatible with any Operating System.

(7)Touch screen control

It can quickly read the device information and running status, monitor the input and output signal source, preview the input and output screen, switch signals and pre-planning.

Looking back on the journey, Apollo Pro is tailored for intelligent control centers and suitable for police stations, traffic controls, power stations, television and broadcastings, banks, exhibitions, education and scientific research, etc. Tricolor fills the gap between video control and display and brings a marvelous video wall processor with extraordinary management solution. Tricolor serves the society in all aspects.
With the excellent underlying technology and the vision of “Becoming a leader in the AV industry”, Tricolor Technology always walks in the frontier of audio field exploration.