On May 15th, the first InfoComm SEA was kicked off at the international trade center in Bangkok, Thailand. The InfoComm SEA expo will last three days. Meanwhile, This exhibition had assembled the latest cutting-edge display and audio products in the professional A/V industry as well as relevant excellent solutions in the industry. Professional conferences, professional-level summits, industry forums and seminars, will be held simultaneously. The key themes of the exhibition, such as the development trend of the theme industry and the solutions to innovative frontiers, will have a crucial impact on the development of the industry.

Southeast Asia is an important part of China’s “one belt and one road” grand strategy. As a leading company in the professional A/V industry. Tricolor Technology company has a forward-looking strategic vision and actively responded to the “One Belt, One Road” national strategy. Tricolor has taken the lead in marketing layout and successfully rooted in Southeast Asian Market. At this InfoComm SEA, Tricolor Technologies brought the company’s Star products and solutions to the exhibition F10 booth of EH98 Pavilion. To demonstrate to the world the strength of China in the professional A/V industry.

At this InfoComm SEA ,the four theme solutions of Tricolor Technology’s integrated display and control integrated solution(All in-One solution ), 4K Video wall solution(4K@60Hz 4:4:4), creative video wall solution and distributed network audio and video transmission solution were launched.

KVM Seat Management (All in-one ) control solution

As a star product of Tricolor Technology, the Cronos multi-function integrated signal processing platform has successfully attracted the attention of many audiences. This is a very design-oriented agent display control management system, which integrates functions such as matrix switching, Video wall control, and KMV seat management (All in –one) function, realize operating position intelligent management. With the powerful functional system of Cronos multi-function integrated signal processing platform. Tricolor Technology’s integrated control and control solution can realize the interconnection and intercommunication of signals at all levels in the whole system, Man-machine separation, human-machine separation”, “one-person multi-machine” and “collaboration sharing” can be realized, and the problem of information sharing and processing between agents can be solved quickly and conveniently. Fast information sharing and problem solving.

4K Video wall display solution

On the first day of the exhibition, No only the star products Cronos multi-function integrated signal processing platform had eye-catching, but also the 4K video wall display area still attracted a large part of audiences. Tricolor technology 4K display program combines integrated display and control functions. at the same time, It also has perfect display, Pre-view, Mirroring functions, supporting multi-Video wall group, multi-user control and management, high-definition background map, scrolling Text and other functions. In addition, OSD mouse large screen operation and remote signal source control function also make our company’s device more competitive. The convenience of equipment management will be upgraded to a new level.

Creative Video wall Solutions

The creative Video wall solution is also a highlight of Tricolor Technology’s overseas market. This solution breaks the traditional MxN video wall layout. The position of each display on the wall can be arbitrarily defined, and each output screen can be freely 360°. Independent rotation display, while supporting multiple devices for cascading. To meet the needs of larger-scale display.It has been unanimously praised by the audience at the exhibition site.

Distributed Network A/V Transmission Solution

At this InfoComm SEA, Tricolor Technology also exhibited a highly-distributed distributed network audio and video transmission solution, which uses the latest HEVC/H.265 High Efficiency Video Coding and Decoding Technology. This will bring users a low bandwidth, high quality audio and video interaction system. Compared with the commonly product in the market. The bandwidth required for video transmission is further reduced, and the quality of network video transmission is further improved. On the basis of limited bandwidth, it is possible to stably transmit audio and video between large-scale and multi-region.

In recent years, Tricolor Technology has always actively implemented the National One Belt and One Road strategy, not only providing intelligent display and control solutions for cities along the Belt and Road in China, but also accelerated market expansion in the One Belt and One Road and some nearby countries . At the same time fully developing Southeast Asian Market. In the future, Tricolor Technology company will continue to work hard to implement the “One Belt, One Road” win-win policy, and actively seek integration with “neighbouring countries along the belt” “Belt and Road” . To make innovations and contributions to the continuous promotion of Chinese enterprises going global.