From February 28th to March 3rd, 2019, the Southern Frontier of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and the Chinese Academy of Command and Control jointly held the “Foreign Science and Technology into the Southern Theater Science and Technology Achievements Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “Southern Theater Science and Technology Achievements Exhibition”) in Guangzhou.

This exhibition focuses on the development of information technology such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, next-generation Internet, and autonomous control, and its application in the military field, carrying out interactive exchanges and results display. Under the great attention of the head of the theater, the theater authorities, the military, the Hong Kong, the Macao, Guangdong, Hunan, Yunnan, and Guangxi military regions, a total of about 3,000 people in 18 batches discussed the development of military and civilian integration to help building the development of science and technology road.

The core technology in the information field is related to national security and economic livelihood. The great market value of realizing the independent control can’t be ignored , from information terminal to application software is the prerequisite for ensuring network security and information security. As we all know, the national security application field represented by military industry is the top of the industry for the requirements of display equipment. It requires the accurately, clearly and quickly respond, self-controllable, and 7×24 hours of trouble-free and stable operation.
As a professional audio and video solution provider, Tricolor Technology has been fortunate to participate in this exhibition based on its extensive control of its own controllable products.  we has highlighted the company’s advanced technology and high stability Cronos™ multi-function signal processing platform and the NYX non-delay distributed system , and shared the practical experience and outstanding achievements of these two independently controllable products in the military field, which has aroused widespread concern.

Cronos™ multi-function integrated signal processing platform has the functions of matrix switching, large screen splicing control, KVM management, etc., which realizes subversive integrated control, effectively reduces the complexity of device links, realizes resource sharing within the system, and reduces Operational complexity.
The platform supports dual-control card backup functions. When any one of the control cards fails, the fault is automatically switched to ensure that the system can still operate normally. It can be widely used in combat, training, conference, training, collaborative command and other purposes, and it’s also the best means of emergency command and dispatch.

NYX non-delay distributed system integrates many functions, such as audio and video long-distance transmission, matrix switching, KVM agent management and large-screen screen group management, etc. With perfect visual management         software, it can provide users with the ultimate audio and video experience of no delay, high-definition lossless. The NYX non-delay distributed system has multiple
redundant backup mechanisms for users to choose, ensuring stable operation of
the system. After the main device or link fails, it can automatically switch to the
backup device or backup link for output display, ensuring 7×24 hours of
trouble-free operation. It can be widely used in joint command, airport air traffic control, conference communication, information sharing between buildings and other scenarios.
Tricolor Technology will take the opportunity of the Southern Theater Science and Technology Achievements Exhibition to continue to implement the national strategy in depth. we will set this technological innovation as the development engine, and continuously improve its core technical strength in the military-civilian integration
level, accelerating the development of military intelligence, making more
contribution in the intelligence and security of national high-end equipment.