Tricolor Technology unveiled at Guangzhou International Pro-lighting and Sound Exhibition
On February 24, 2019, the 17th China (Guangzhou) International Pro-lighting and Sound Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “Guangzhou Exhibition”) was grandly opened in the A Zone of the China Import and Export Fair Complex. A four-day exhibition, with the aim of “Let’s master it”, following the upgrading and development of the industry, it has  introduced new concepts such as integration and intellectual creation. 13 theme pavilions and Y-channel exhibition areas, dedicated to domestic professional lighting, audio, audio-visual, KTV and Industries such as conferencing systems are introducing more forward-looking integration experiences, broader business opportunities, and more inspiring industry insights.

In order to keep abreast of the development wave of professional audio-visual and IT technology integration, this year’s Guangzhou Exhibition has made a new attempt. The exhibition area is more detailed, with 130,000 square meters. In addition to a series of professional lighting, sound, stage equipment and other products, the exhibition also focuses on the overall solutions of performing arts equipment, communication and conferences and KTV field. Create an integrated display platform for the industry.

As the largest professional lighting and sound exhibition in China, this exhibition focuses on the latest developments in audio-visual system integration in the fields of lighting, audio, communication, conference and KTV. It has welcomed 1,300 exhibitors from 25 countries and regions.

This year’s exhibition fully upgrade the “Communication and Conference” special hall and the “Media System Solution” special hall, focusing on the cutting-edge technologies and products of the conference system, the media and integrated solutions in the market.

As the professional video and audio solution provider, Suizhong Technology has presented its two solutions, the intelligent display agent collaborative management platform and the network distributed system, at Booth A22 of the 4.2 Communications Conference Hall.

On the first day, the exhibition was full of excitement and interest. Among them, the intelligent display agent cooperation management platform occupying the center position and becomes the focus of the audience.

Intelligent display agent cooperation management platform has the functions of matrix switching, video wall splicing control, KVM agent system management, etc., which realizes the subversive upgrade of integrated control, effectively reduces the complexity of device links, and realizes resource sharing within the system, reducing operational complexity.

On the other side, the network distributed system has also attracted many audiences to stop and consulting. The system uses the latest HEVC/H.265 high-efficiency video codec technology to provide users with low-bandwidth, high-quality audio and video interactive experience. Compared with the distributed products in the market, the bandwidth for video transmission is further reduced, and the quality of video network transmission is improved. On the basis of limited bandwidth, stable transmission of audio and video between large-scale and multi-region is possible.

During the exhibition, Mr. Xiang Hai, Regional Manager of Shenzhen Office, accepted the interview of Shandong TV Station on behalf of Tricolor Technology, and expressed the opinions of the integrated audio and video products, future development projects, audio and video integration in the media industry and the experience of the first exhibition. He also said that Tricolor Technology is willing to make progress together with everyone, and constantly introduce new products and solutions to contribute to China’s information construction.

With the professional video and audio design and development technology and the spirit of scientific and technological innovation, Tricolor Technology has attracted much attention at the exhibition. The products and solutions attracted the attention and praise of many professional visitors, and many interested parties exchanged contact information with our staff, hope to cooperate in depth after the exhibition.

As a professional video and audio solution provider, Tricolor Technology insists on continuous innovation, deepen its efforts in the field of display and control integration, and applies its own advantages to the professional video and audio field. In the future, Tricolor Technology will continue to bring more comprehensive and high-quality products and solutions to the community in a professional and innovative spirit.

This year’s Guangzhou exhibition will last until February 27th, and Tricolor Technology invites you for the first meet in the New Year.