Application and requirements

October 17th,2016 “Shenzhou XI” manned spacecraft in Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center successfully launched. It launched into the scheduled orbit, meanwhile two astronauts has been successfully sent to space. When it goes into space, the spacecraft and the Temple of space II will be rendezvous and docking, forming a combination which will fly 30 days, and that will be the longest time for China’s manned flight so far.


Shenzhou XI Manned Spacecraft successfully launched

Tricolor provides a high standard of equipment products and 24 hours a day of technical support for the Beijing China Human Space Engineering Command Center who charges the Shenzhou XI, to ensure the completion of the launch process smooth. Beijing China manned space project command center, as the command center for the Shenzhou XI manned spacecraft launch, assumed the the command release, signal transmission, real-time display, information interconnection Interoperability of important responsibility. The command center has a wide range of signals, requiring multiple signal display and the long-range transmission of signals at the same time, and so demanding requirements.


Tricolor’s engineers from the scene

When receiving this project task, the leadership of Tricolor pay high attention to this project. After high-intensity and high standard of product production and testing, Tricolor provide a complete set of video solutions for the project to ensure that various types of signals from various systems can display on the main video wall of the command center at the same time, controlling servers. What’s more, it can also support a multi-screen display at the same time, high-definition long-distance, non-delay transmission, seamless signal switching, which ensure that the live screen signal stability, guaranting the launch successfully and making hundreds of millions of people can watch the successful launch of Shenzhou XI images successfully.


Tricolor Video solution system case

Beijing Tricolor Technology Co.,Ltd has been concerned about the national defense industry, especially the development of China’s manned space industry. “Shenzhou XI” manned spacecraft’s successful launch marks the completion of China’s 2022 plan to enter the countdown stage. Tricolor is very proud and honored that it provides independent innovation, high performance, high stability of the product equipment and technical support for the “Shenzhou XI” manned spacecraft. Tricolor will continue to provide high stability and high performance system equipments for manned spaceflight project, and fully support China’s manned space industry, to boost China’s “Space Dream”.