DVI-VGA is a signal converter developed by Tricolor Technology co.,LTD, which can convert DVI signals in RGBHV (red, green and blue) format into high-resolution and high refresh rate VGA signals, and can be displayed locally The signal. DVI-VGA with industrial-grade control chip, full-surface placement technology and advanced switching power supply to ensure that the product can be in a variety of complex environments, high-quality, trouble-free operation, which is a good choice for DVI signal converted to VGA signal.

Product Features

Technical Parameters 

Input Connector  DVI×1
Input Signal Format  DVI 1.0
Output Connector  DB15(VGA)×1,DVI×1(Loop Connector )
Output Signal Format  RGBHV Signal 
Resolution  Maximum up to 1920×1200@60Hz and backward compatible 
Power  5VDC
Size  240mm x 120mm x 45mm
Weight  1.5Kg
Temperature  Operation Temperature :0℃~40℃;Storage Temperature :-10℃~60℃
Environment Requirement  No solvent and corrosive gas, no dust, no strong magnetic field interference, 5VDC