Product Introduction 

Cronos Multifunction Processing Platform which just released by Tricolor is a high-performance integrated signal Processing device. It uses pure hardware structure design to ensure the operation’s stability. With boards modular design, Cronos able to support up to 320*320 I/O operation, is only equipment which can achieve this scale over the world. At the same time, new IP stream input/output and 4K signal input/output functions enrich the signal types and meet the growing need on high quality and networking.  Based on the normal audio and video Matrix, Cronos Multifunction Processing Platform has added the KVM Matrix function which can realize visualiztion reclined at the table management, has brought a subversive upgrade to the traditional Matrix and KVM system.

  • National military , public security , electric power, Civil project
  • Meteorological environment, eduction &research , medical and healthcare

Nano-sec Switching Interval

CRONOS Multifunction Processing Platform using ultra amounts data transmission chip technology set point to point lines for each signal data channel. Every channel signals have its own dedicated channel to transmit signal which leding a nano-sec switching interval without black screen.

KVM table management system 

Cronos, based on the traditional audio and video matrix equipment, adds the control signals integration processing sysytem. By using the matrix KVM function, Cronos realize the intelligent table management, brought the modern upgrade  such as the “separation of  man and machines”, the “One to Multiple ” and the”cooperation  and share ” for management and control. 

Integration video and audio 

Cronos support the audio collection from various types channels, include the embedded audio digital input collection and analog audio input collection. Cronos provides the video signals and audio signals synchronized switch and integration linkage management, solve the inconvenience of traditonal separation audio and video system.

Input Signal Preview

Cronos supports the user preview all input signals in real-time with the control software, thus can prevent operator put the error signal on a large screen, and to avoid a negative impact. While users can watch real-time echo images of the big-screen in the interface, this can improve the efficiency of the operator.

4K Signals Input and Output 

Cronos has upgrade the resolution based on the traditional HD 1080p, able to support higher 4K resolution signals Input and output. The higher resolution could bring more exquisite display effection, and better view satisfaction for users.

IP Stream Media Signals Coding/Decoding 

Cronos adds new function to do digital IP stream media signal processing. It supoort both coding and decoding for the signal collection and output. Cronos break the bondage of the traditional centralized matrix, conneted with the unlimited network to realize singals free conncetion. 

 I/O Boards Free Mixed 

Users may choose the mixed-plug function for the device, and then this function would support mixed combination such as input and output boards mixed plug, interface board is no longer confined to a fixed position, thus further enhance system operated flexibility for system design and upgrade, which provides a great convenience for the engineering staff.

Product Features

OSD Control

Output Resolution Custom

Output Source Cropping

Table Contral Signal Share

Over 1000 Pre-sets

Seamless Handover

Central Control System

Long Distance Transmission

System Topology Structure