DVI – 103 is Tricolor individual developed twisted-pair transmitter. It able to convert DVI Signal to HDBaseT Signal. Through class twisted-pair cable, the maximum transmission distance is up to 100m(1920*1200@60Hz). It is the ideal choice for long distance transmission, and moreover, it also able to used with other Tricolor AV processing device.


Mode Type

DVI-103 have 2 modes, the main functions and difference as following:

DVI-103 DVI-103-100 DVI-103-100-TX Maximum transmission distance 100m
DVI-103-70 DVI-103-70-TX Maximum transmission distance 70m

Product Features 

Transmission Distance

Single device maximum can support 100m lossless transmission, able to cascade and up to 1km maximum 

Maximum Resolution

Maximum up to 1920×1080@60Hz
HD vidoe transmission and backward compatible


Meet HDMI 1.3、HDCP and DVI 1.0 standard

Loop Output

Transmitter support loop output
easy access to local display device

Auto Adjustment

Support auto adjustment balanced, gain, CTI(chromaticity transient enhancement )

Built-in EDID

Transmitter build in EDID (Extended display identification data) edit
support direct EDID, HDCP information share


Technical Parameter

Transmitter Input  DVI-D Signal Input (DVI-I compatible ) ×1
DVI-D Loop Input (DVI-I compatible )×1
Transmitter Output  RJ45 8 pin ×1
Receiver Input  RJ45 8 pin ×1
Receiver Output  DVI-D Signal (DVI-I compatible ) ×1
Video Signal Format DVI-D Signal (Support HDCP coded Signal )
Resolution  Maximum up to 1920×1200@60Hz and backward compatible 
Pixel clock <165MHz
Twisted-pair cable specifications SinoHone
Power 12VDC,1A
Size  80mm x 43.6mm x 100mm
Temperature  Operation Temperature :0℃~40℃、Storage Temperature :-10℃~60℃
Environment requirement  Non-corrosive and solvent-based gases, no dust, no strong magnetic field interference

Device Interface 

DVI-103 Transmitter backside view

Interface Name Informtion
POWER 12V DC Power source 
HDCP Transform HDCP signals seting switch
EDID Transmitter EDID information reading seting switch
MONITOR Light when DVI loop output  connect with monitor, light turn on 
OUTPUT Light when twisted-pair connected,light turn on;when ata transfor, blink
INPUT Light  when DVI input have signals, light turn on
POWER Light connect with 12V DC power, light turn on
DVI-D INPUT DVI signals output 
OUTPUT HDBaseT twisted pair signals output 
MONITOR Loop output

DVI-103 Receiver backside view

Interface Name Information 
POWER Light  Connect with 12V DC power source,light turn on
INPUT Light 

When RJ-45 input have signals, light turn on

OUTPUT Light  When RJ-45 output have signals,and DVI output connect with worded monitor,OUTPUT Light blink
DVI-D OUTPUT DVI signals output 
INPUT twisted -pair cable input
POWER 12V DC Connector 

System Topology Structure