Hades Video Wall Processor
Hades Video Wall Processor, pure hardware architecture, high performance video image processing workstation without operating system
fundamentally guarantee full real-time processing and data consistency for all input sources
the image has no delay, no discretization, no frame loss, which achieves the perfect rendering of the image。


Pure hardware modular design

Pure hardware design, without any operation system, avoids the X86 controller crash, blue screen, viruses and other common problems. At the same time, modular design of the device provides variety different types of boards and chassis of different size.
User can configure it according to their needs, which can save costs. Redundant power supply and board hot-swap design ensure the stable operation of the equipment

Multi Screen Group Management

Resolution Real-time Total Adaptation,which can support mutiple groups of screens with different resolutions at the same time
All output channels can be divided into 4 seperate display groups, the screens of each group can customized the output resolution different from other groups. Customers can make any combination of display according to the project environment.

4K Ultra-HD

Support DL-DVI,HDMI 1.4, DP etc 4K signal acquisition,achive a larger resolution image for more powerful display。Perfectly compatible Nvidia Mosaic and AMD Eyefinity technology
achieving GIS,SCADA etc large resolution data visualization display scheme。

Signal Preview

support operator preview all input signals real-time in the control software, which prevents the operator from displaying the wrong signals in the video wall
At the same time operator can view the real time echo image of the video wall to improve the operator work efficiency。


It can together use with the CrossMedia visual operation system. Operator can control the processor through IPad. Through the convenient touch operation mode, realize the management of screen display.
Support real-time preview of all signals on the Ipad. The friendly human-machine interface brings a new operating experience

Product Feature

  • Backgroud underlying graph
    Satisfied customer customized display request
    Flexible Background underlying graph layout
  • Character Overlay
    Screen source font/color/size/position editable
    Clearly Control the signal layout and overall situation
  • Image Cropping
    Trimming any position of any source
    to meet the customer’s need for outstanding viewing of video focus area
  • Preset Management
    Personalized preset deployment
    Flexible and fast retrieval to enhance customer management requirement
  • Border Compensation
    Up to 64 sets of fusion optimization curves
    More suitable for the projector’s own color characteristics
    Ensure a smooth transition for every color image
  • Seamless switching
    Millisecond level signal switching
    full signal no black field switching experience

Topological Graph

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  • 2017-05-16